Webinar: Understanding Confusing Behaviors, for Parents of Children with SPD


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Sensory and Behavior: Understanding Confusing Behaviors and What Parents of Children with SPD Can Do About Them

When a parent learns their child has sensory processing disorder (SPD), there is often relief.  “Finally, the exhausting strange things my child does that I can’t fix, can be explained!” However, many parents then have questions about what to do in the moments these strange behaviors occur, or how to best support their child at various “problem” times of day. Additionally, many parents are confused about trying to discern when a behavior is sensory OR when it requires consequences or a more behavioral approach to management.
Participants of this webinar will learn about:
  1. differences and similarities between sensory meltdowns and tantrums
  2. common behavioral patterns seen in children with SPD and
  3. co-regulation and some general concepts for supporting improved family relationships and behaviors when living with SPD.


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