Book: Ovis Has Trouble with Eating


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Ovis, a young sheep with sensory processing disorder, is a picky eater. This book examines ways to help Ovis and his family address this issue.

Parenting a child with sensory differences can be stressful, and parenting a child who won’t eat, with or without a diagnosis, can take stress to a whole new level! The challenges of trying to parent a picky eater arise daily because eating is an essentialpart of life that happens (or is supposed to happen) multiple times a day. But contrary to what many people believe, some children truly won’t eat when they are hungry, and they need outside support to learn, or relearn, eating skills. Many parents need outside support, such as occupational therapy, to learn unique ways of helping their reluctant eater, and to change dynamics that have arisen over many stressful years of trying numerous ways to feed their children.

We hope Ovis can be part of that initial support. There are many ways to support a picky eater and varied types of programs, including occupational therapy (OT). This Ovis story is not intended to replace formal intervention, but it introduces some first-line strategies.


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