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The world of sensory processing can be a confusing place. 1 in 15 school-aged children experience sensory differences. Despite an advancing body of research and a quickly expanding body of knowledge, those children and families living with sensory differences often feel misunderstood, and at a loss for how to communicate to others what they are going through and what they need. I hope this book brings you connection… to your child, to your student, your client, or your friend. I hope you can find in Ovis, and in his family, a character to whom you can relate. In addition, I want these stories and pictures to spark a lightbulb (and a chuckle) that help you to see an everyday challenge that you or someone you love may have encountered, a little more clearly.

There is no official medical diagnosis of sensory processing disorder. However, sensory challenges are a part of many existing diagnoses and regardless of diagnosis or “condition,” our human experience makes us sensory beings. By reading to children we support various sensory systems and create a nurturing welcoming place for them to feel connected, both to themselves and to other people. This alone is a good place to start when trying to support a child with sensory processing differences.

I look forward to sharing more stories of Ovis and hope you will share with me your stories of Ovis in your life!

Kelly Beins
Author and Occupational Therapist

Meet Kelly, Ovis author

Kelly Beins is an Occupational Therapist certified in sensory integration, and owner of a private practice in Maryland. She knows the value and joy of reading to children and wants to use that activity to help make other challenging real-life experiences easier. Kelly lives in Frederick, with her husband and two daughters (and their sheep-like labradoodle).

Meet Christine, Ovis illustrator

Christine Tuccille Merry is a graphic designer, artist, and illustrator based in Maryland. Through volunteering in an elementary school and homeschooling one of her kids for two years, she met many children who interact with the world in unique ways. She wanted to reach out to similar kids and those who care for them and thought illustrating books would the best way to do that. She lives in Frederick with her husband and two sons. Visit Christine’s website here: merryhaus.net.

Ovis the Sheep Events

Ovis the Sheep: Meet the Author & Book Reading (Free)

Date: March 2, 2018

Time: 2-2:30pm

Location: 47 East South St., Suite 001-A, Frederick, MD 21701

Ovis the Sheep: Meet the Author & Book Reading (Free)

Author and Occupational Therapist Kelly Beins, will be reading her two books, “Ovis Has Trouble with School” and “Ovis Has Trouble with Eating.” Following the reading, Kelly will be available for book signing and questions from parents about sensory processing disorder. No registration is required and the event is open to all ages and abilities. Copies of the books will be available for purchase.

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