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As many of you know, I’ve been working on and recently completed my iLs certification.  I attended a training this past weekend, which in my mind, was the final step to feeling more confident in moving forward with using this new and promising intervention for people with motor, attention, reading and auditory processing challenges.  That said…I am again, in awe. The brain and body amaze me.

I know I’ve dropped the ball when it comes to writing more frequent posts and I know I may not have come across as especially inspired, lately, but in the spirit of trying to stick to at least the intentions (not necessarily resolutions) I set for the new year, I am sharing this amazing video I picked up this past weekend at my training (at least I think it’s amazing).  If you’ve ever heard and/or liked classical music, you’ll appreciate this video.  OT’s are doing some amazing things when it comes to neuroplasticity and changing the brain.  This video is but one glimpse into the complexities that bring us seemingly simple pleasures such as listening to music. By understanding and using the connections being made between sound and the rest of the body, OT’s can use interventions like iLs to help change people’s lives.

Have a watch and listen!  Let me know what you think!

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