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Oops to the stars!

I’d like to say I was so busy yesterday I forgot to blog, but that wouldn’t be completely true.  I remembered right before” close of business”, which for me yesterday, was approximately 10:00 p.m.  Ugh.  So as it came to me in a quick flash of panic, and I really and honestly did contemplate (for just a few seconds) sitting down to write something, I stopped myself.  I realized the inspiration I’ve already felt from the previous daily posts have already been more than I anticipated (especially in such a short time) that missing one day wouldn’t ruin my overall efforts or the undermine the goal of my project.  And at the very least (I reasoned), people might not get so sick of me if they don’t see something posted EVERY day.  So…I’m not “double posting”, I am simply picking up from the day before last and instead of 365 posts, the tally I’m now aiming for is 364 (or as close as I get).

The inspirational saying I share today, in light of my recent “oops”, is this:

“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land in the stars.”

And going with the space theme, I share an item below, that I’ve used regularly with kids at work, to help them self-calm.  I think this Laser Stars Projector  works because it’s novel, it is visual (which is typically the strongest sensory system of the body), it is used in dim light which means other visual inputs are eliminated or minimized (which is often calming) and it is gender and age neutral so it has universal appeal.  This little gem even has occasional shooting stars which seems to have major appeal and helps to sustain attention.

I recently went with my family on a late night drive, out of town to a random country road to watch a meteor shower.  There was something magical about lying on the hood of our car, together in (relative) silence, looking up and waiting.  While this tool doesn’t do a real galaxy or meteor shower justice, it does simulate the engaging effect of the night sky and the simple pleasure of waiting for that one random moment you might get to make a wish.  Now we really can “land in the stars!”

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