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Glass half full

More than just a sale

So I’m one week into my project 365 and I have to say, while it has already been a challenge to stop what I’m doing and write/blog, what used to be a challenge (thinking of a topic to write about), has been the easiest part.  Now inspirational things are coming across my desk, happening right in front of me, or appearing in my inbox, without me even looking for them.  Maybe it IS all about perspective?

Well today’s inspiration just found it’s way across my facebook page last night (thanks to a dear friend who found this great blog and full story and posted it), and forgive me for being redundant (I shared this on my wall last night).  I have to say it did make me smile!  Target has done it again! Without a lot of hoopla, Target makes good things great, in simple ways.  We should all aim to be so inclusive without even thinking!  In my mind, if I have to think about it, I have room to improve.  Just a thought.


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