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3 Tips for Transitioning Back to School (at any age)

There is so much advice out there for transitioning back to school and how to make it easier for children with or without sensory challenges, I thought I’d simplify in hopes I can make this time (and your transition) easier: … Continue reading

Sensory Mom

You buy the exact same socks, shoes and underwear in the next 3 sizes up to avoid running out, while the ones you have still fit your child When a manufacturer discontinues above said socks, shoes or underwear or ceases … Continue reading

5 Tips for a Sensory Diet

Sensory Diets are a way to support people who struggle with sensory challenges.  In my private practice with children and in my parent coaching sessions we develop an individualized set of activities that children with sensory processing disorder, find helpful. … Continue reading

When Sensory Strategies Fail; 3 Tips

I know this may be a surprise coming from me, a sensory OT and it may disappoint but,…sensory strategies do not fix all behaviors. Sensory strategies may not work every time, and the same strategies don’t work for all children. There, … Continue reading

Pass the Peas, NOT the Screens

Screens do not belong at the dinner table and we do not belong in front of a screen while we are eating.  Here’s why: Eating uses all of our senses but the visual system is typically the strongest sensory system of … Continue reading

Putting screens to bed

My previous post about  taking a “screen-time” out is the start of how to make room in our lives for more connection, by disconnecting more often from our devices and how to help our children do the same.  This video came up … Continue reading

Screen “time-out”

I’ve just created a screen “time-out” in our house. Not because anyone did anything bad. Not because anyone needs a consequence. And not because I’m trying to teach a lesson. O.k. I AM trying to teach a lesson, but they … Continue reading

Self-compassion & Screens…What do they have in common? My words for 2017

Each year I like to choose a word (or a couple) instead of setting resolutions.  As I get older I notice the resolutions and “challenges” become just that, and life is challenging enough.  The words help me to focus throughout … Continue reading